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How Many Waushara County Detainees Carry Knives?

November 23, 2013

With cold weather outside, in spite of the sun, means I am drinking hot coffee and reading inside.  Which brings me to this advertisement in the Waushara County Argus.

I have never seen an announcement  like this before, and have a few questions.

Jail Contraband

First, ‘legal contraband’ seems like an oxymoron.  Either it is legal, or it is not.    While I understand why no one wants knives, for instance, in a jail setting, why were not the items returned to the person after no longer being at the jail?  What is the purpose of the county keeping such items, and then needing to run an announcement to return them?

But the larger question to me is just how many folks who are arrested in Waushara County are in possession of knives, for example?  What in heavens name does someone do with a knife that so many carry them around?

My Grandpa on my Mom’s side of the family was a small farmer (and never ran afoul of the law) and I know he had a pocket knife so to cut baler twine and other such matters around the farm.  But I just can not image there are so many such tasks that men still do that require so many knives that they actually then pile up at the jail, and necessitate such a notice in the paper.

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