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Short Stories By Aaron Walter Range From President Lincoln To High-Stakes Political Intrigue

November 23, 2013

Many people prefer a good book on a cold or wet or lazy day over the latest TV episode of whatever is popular on television at the moment.  With that in mind comes two short stories written by a friend now living in Europe that is sure to meet the test for comfort reading.


The first of his stories has a riveting plot lineHashem bin Sayyid is nominated to be the first Arab American Assistant Secretary of State. Nathan Aubrey is a journalist who has seen many scandals and political tricks over thirty years of reporting Washington politics. His connection to the nominee, however allows him see a different perspective of Capital Hill. A view that has good men destroyed for the sake of secrets and Hashem bin Sayyid may be its next victim.
The second story is written for younger readers, but about one of the most important addresses any President of the United States has delivered.  For Abigail and Willy Johnson a trip with their father to hear President Lincoln speak at Gettysburg is a life changing event for them both. It is an historic occasion and both children play an important role in what is widely considered President Lincoln’s greatest speech.
Aaron T. Walter was born in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since 2007 he has lived in Europe teaching in Central and Eastern Europe and traveling throughout the rest. His love of history and politics shows in his lectures and book ideas.

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