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USA Today Says No To “Handout Photos Originating From The White House Press Office”

November 26, 2013

This issue will not go away until the White House moves away from a wrong-headed decision.

In a memo to staff Sunday, USA Today Deputy Director of Multimedia Andrew P. Scott said the news organization will not use “handout photos originating from the White House Press Office, except in very extraordinary circumstances.” Such circumstances would have to involve “legitimate national security restrictions” as well as “very high news value,” Scott writes. The policy “simply codifies our existing practices on how we treat WH images,” Scott tells Poynter in an email.

USA Today owner Gannett was among the organizations that protested the White House’s clampdown on photographers’ access to the president last week. That day, official White House photographer Pete Souza tweeted a photo of news photographers capturing the moment the president signed a bill.

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