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Thanksgiving Shopping: “Half-Dozen Officers Watching Over The Scene With Semi-Automatic Rifles In Hand”

November 29, 2013

And the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was so peaceful….

Lines snake out from each of the store’s many entrances, hugging its exterior walls and curling around the block. Shoppers huddle together in the 32-degree chill, largely outfitted in puffy black coats and scarves wrapped around their necks. A New York Police Department van sits nearby, a half-dozen officers watching over the scene with semi-automatic rifles in hand. The largest crowd lingers outside the main entrance on Broadway, corralled in barricades so they don’t spill out too far into the square. TV crews scamper around, documenting the scene.

I stand alongside a throng of photographers, cameramen and reporters who have stationed themselves around what will become the point of peak hysteria. We’re right on the front lines, wedged between the Michael Kors and Coach displays that immediately greet shoppers at the entrance.

We’re warned by Macy’s staff to stay out of the main walkway, which shoots right down the center of the first floor. “They won’t stop,” a store representative says of the shoppers waiting in the cold. We shuffle to the side.


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