The Issue Is That This Gun Law Was Even Up For Discussion!

Congress  heard the voices of the majority of Americans when it came to sensible gun legislation. Not a huge new undertaking that many voters have asked be passed, but still a matter of gun legislation that serves a real need and will protect Americans.

This week they passed a bill to extend the Undetectable Firearms Act for another 10 years.  While that is the appropriate action to have taken, the question needs to be asked why was there any confusion or debate about this matter at all when the facts are so clearly demonstrated.  With the vote in congress and the quick signature of President Obama we can all be assured that the ban on plastic and undetectable guns remains in place.

But lets be honest, folks.  It’s outrageous to think that a law like this was even up for expiration! Or debate!

The National Rifle Association did not take a position on the bill, and that allowed many of the spineless takers of NRA cash the ability to do the right thing and pass the extension.  But let us not give congress too much credit as the vote was a voice one, and so no hard record was made of their stand.

There is clearly a safety concern as plastic weapons can not be detected, and as such there was just no justification for even the idea that this ban should come within hours of expiring.  That fact underscore the stranglehold the NRA has on congress which is more intent on grabbing their ankles for campaign cash and re-election purposes than working on the issues that Americans think about.



Concealed Carry Weapon Fires Shot Inside Wisconsin Store

From the files of wing-nuts who need to carry guns because they apparently have a small penis comes the following news.

Police said they arrested a Milwaukee man after his loaded handgun fell from his pocket and discharged inside a clothing store in Racine.

Officers said the man and a woman were shopping at Burlington Coat Factory Saturday when the gunshot struck a metal fixture in the store. No one was hurt. Authorities say the man picked up his gun and both left the store.

The man and woman saw surveillance video of the incident posted online and went to the Racine Police Department Sunday. The woman was released. The man was arrested for recklessly endangering safety. Police said the man has a valid concealed carry permit.