Rock County Jail Would-Be Escapee Nathan Middleton Is No James Bond

Another reason to read a newspaper.  Another reason to smirk at a stupid criminal.  And for the record I hate to even besmirch James Bond with the placement of his name with that of Nathan Middleton in the same sentence….but having said all that, here goes.

Last night on the local television news it was reported that Nathan Middleton who is in jail for the burning of a woman in a fire pit after he hooked up her with for sex plotted a break from the Rock County Jail.  The TV reports however did not mention how this all would unfold.

The Wisconsin State Journal had some details.

Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden said the plans included finding a friend or relative to get a car, weapon and clothes for him and to crash the car through an outside window of the jail to get to him.

“It was pretty James Bond-ish, Bob Spoden said”


It was not disclosed if the car had torpedoes under the hood or if rotors would sprout from the roof once the inmate was inside so to whisk him off to–where exactly?

Stoughton?  Mexico City?  A rental with Edward Snowden?

This plot is one of the more bizarre that has come to light in a while, and makes one wonder as the sheriff does about what this all means about Middleton’s self-proclaimed ‘innocence’.

“People who are innocent don’t feel the need to escape from jail and seek individuals to help him,” Spoden said. “Those are the actions of a dangerous man.”

Middleton might just get comfortable in prison clothes and a small locked cell as that is where it seems he will be spending a great part of his life.

One thought on “Rock County Jail Would-Be Escapee Nathan Middleton Is No James Bond

  1. skipfromsturgeonbay

    When I was in grade school my dad and a buddy took in a car show where I actually saw and touched this Aston Martin. Nice to see it again.

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