What Do You Make Of This?


On Facebook I had 9 people who weighed in and so I guess I feel flattered.

As I was paying the bill at an eating spot where James and I had a meal I made a comment about the coffee cup the lady at the cash register was holding and taking sips.   For the record I have talked with the lady aged 30-32 before over time while paying for my food.  She has laughed with me over silly chit-chat topics, and that has been all there ever was to the interactions.

“What type of coffee are you enjoying today?” I asked.

“Oh, this is only honey and lemon and water for my throat as I am trying to get over the last of a cold’, she responded.  “But I can not wait to get back to coffee, as right now it just upsets my stomach”, she added.

Then she looked up from the register to my face and continued, “I also want to start an affair.”   And she giggled.

People who know me understand I am usually not at a loss for words.  But I was not sure what to say after her remark so I just laughed and quickly put my credit card into my wallet and then that into my jeans.

Now I must say my new glasses and hair cut make me look nice, but I have not been hit on for some time, and I am not really sure I was today, but still find this an odd thing to say to a person one really does not know.

Anyone care to offer insight?

(And you thought we only talked politics here!)

Facebook Needs More Civil Discourse Concerning Governor Scott Walker

One of my Facebook friends from the town where I grew up has an entry that made me cringe.

Walker signed into bill the use of crossbows.  Someone should shoot him with one.

I had no idea there could be much controversy regarding the matter of crossbows.  I do not hunt and know of no one that uses a crossbow.  Even if all that were not so there would still be a most unsettling feeling with the tone and language used by this person who had a difference with an elected official.

I would think given we are just a few weeks removed from the 50th anniversary of the shooting of President John Kennedy we all still might have a heightened sense of what anger and weapons can do when put into a political context.

God knows I have many problems with Gov. Walker and the way he has shaped policy in this state.  I stood many hours at the Capitol over the weeks in 2011 fighting for union rights.  But never once did I hear anyone say something akin to what was written on that Facebook entry.  Even with all the rancor and emotion, even with the massive numbers of people who came to the Capitol, never once did I hear something so awful.

In our democracy (republic) we can have all sorts of disagreements over the issues without lowering the bar to use words of physical violence as a way to make a point.   That cheapens an argument, is immoral., and should never be entertained.

For the record I have no feelings one way or the other about the crossbow law, but as one who did sit with many hunting groups while working in my capacity as administrative assistant on the assembly committee that oversaw the implementation of these types of laws when it came to the rule-making process (JCRAR) I can say most assuredly they all would be highly critical of the way in which this Facebook entry was written.

We all should feel disgust at these types of statements.