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Duck Dynasty And Phil Robertson Political Cartoons

December 28, 2013

Bottom feeders united and succeeded at keeping a real bigot on television.  Gosh, the three-thumb crowd must be pleased.

A&E  has reversed its suspension of Phil Robertson for making anti-gay comments, and he will not miss a single episode of the upcoming season.  This says a lot about the state of our country, and the uneducated class that makes up a far too large segment of the populace.

One of my readers fired off an email to A&E and sent me a copy.  It is a sentiment that many share.

You now have an audience of Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindahl and an assortment of racists and homophobes who can happily watch Duck Dynasty unfettered by any of those nasty thoughts about being a decent human being in 2014!  That’s 2014, not 1954 when all the good negroes worked in the fields, singing and saying “yassuh massuh”  and didn’t worry their curlie little heads about voting or using the same water fountains or buses as the good white people.   And the fags knew their place or they’d be fired or thrown in jail.   Maybe you can do some fictional dramas about the good old days, and Sarah Palin can say how wonderful that was, old times there are not forgotten.   As for me, I’ve watched my last A&E show, your recent lineup is repetitive and non-original anyway.  With the exception that during commercial breaks I may switch to A&E to see who’s advertising to contact them to say I’ve bought their products for the last time.
I am most certain we have not heard the last about boycotting national sponsors when it comes to A&E.   (Stay tuned to this blog.)
Now for the best way to summarize Phil Robertson and his bigotry comes via political cartoons.
December 21, 2013



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  1. Solly permalink
    December 28, 2013 3:20 PM

    In case anyone is interested in exercising their free speech rights, either pro-bigot or anti, the email address for A&E is

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