Federal Judge Upholds Most Of New York’s Gun Law–Bullet Limit Struck From Law


There was no way for gun control advocates not to be pleased with the tough gun control measure passed earlier this year in New York.  While a federal judge found the law within the constitution when it came to the right of New York to regulate deadly firearms that wreak so much havoc and bloodshed on society on the one hand,  he struck down one of its signature provisions – a seven-round limit on ammunition as “arbitrary” on the other hand.  That may be a legal viewpoint, but when it comes to the on-the-street ramifications of such a ruling it is deadly.  The law when boiled down made it illegal to carry more than 7 bullets in larger magazines more commonly made to hold up to 10 bullets.

It is obvious the intent of the law was to make it harder for a gun user to unload his bullets before being forced to reload.

The bill, in my view, is a model piece of legislation that other states need to consider as it mandates all gun sales be done through licensed dealers, and that all those who purchase ammunition must also pass a background check.  The law also strikes hard against assault weapons.  This is the type of gun control measure that has teeth, and contains the common sense proposals that many in our nation understand to be needed if we are to get a handle on the epidemic of gun violence.

The legal wrangling will continue as New York will press ahead, in my estimation, to appeal this ruling.

CP will be following this story in 2014.

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