Provide Some Food For Outdoor Animals During Bitter Winter Weather


With the bitter cold that has gripped Wisconsin, and the worst is yet to come with wind chills predicted to drop to -60 degrees, I ask all my readers to help with keeping some of the wild animals fed and alive over the coming days.  I am sure we all have our personal stories about shoveling the walkways, or chipping through the ice.  Even though we have our rough moments during this winter season, let us not forget the little ones that stay out in the cold and need food at this time of year.  So whether it be a crust of bread to the squirrel in the backyard, or a carrot peeling for the local bunny, let us take the time to remember our furry and feathery friends that make our world complete.  I strongly suggest some bird seeds if you have feeders, and also getting some old bakery at reduced prices and toss it about in your yard.  These animals all need to find ways to eat and keep their strength up during this bitter winter season.  Give them something to eat today.

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