Weather Report From Madison Isthmus 1/3/14 At 5:00 P.M.

About two hours ago the winds picked up speed as the temperatures slowly creep higher.  Sitting inside I can hear the wind in the trees, and that alone makes me feel the desire to grab for another sweater.  As I write this post it is 11 degrees at the Madison airport, and 13 degrees at our home on the isthmus.

There are now ‘dune drifts’ that angle east-west on the deeply frozen ice of Lake Monona that resulted from the winds that have sifted the light snow from recent days.  Harsh gusts have created white sheets of the flakes that rush in off the lake and quickly pass by the window on their way further inland.


Meanwhile there are drifts forming along the sidewalks that bank out from snow piles.  A couple of them are probably a foot deep as of this writing.  Walkers that need to be out have hoods pulled high and tight as they brace themselves against the gale while drawing their gloved hands over their nose and mouth to try and stay warm.

Though temperatures are expected to rise and even feel ‘balmy’ Saturday as we get into the mid-20s (where did I put my Bermuda shorts?) the mercury is predicted to plummet come Sunday with Monday’s high to reach only –14 degrees with wind chills at –50 to –60 degrees.

This is after all what a real Wisconsin winter looks and feels like.  We have had too many of the milder versions and this old-fashioned reminder of what Mother Nature is all about at this time of year helps keep our perspective about who has the real power.

As I finish this post the sunset is making for a spectacular sight and in spite of the color only makes it feel even colder outside, if that is possible.


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