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‘The Newsroom’ Ending Series On HBO With Third Season

January 14, 2014

One week ago James and I started to watch (via rentals from the library) HBO’s show The Newsroom .  We are still on season one and I am already loving it.  James is much enjoying the program, too.  My loving it probably comes as no surprise for those who know me or read this blog.  The whole concept is right up my alley.  That combined with the fact it is an Aaron Sorkin production means it meets and exceeds all my expectations.  (Was The West Wing not one of the best shows of all time?) Tight writing and acting and compelling thoughtful dramatic story lines in The Newsroom makes it a hit in this home, as it was in so many across the nation.

Today I read the third season will be the last for this series.

“The Newsroom” debuted in 2012 to mostly negative reviews. The second season followed the “News Night” staff as they reported (and then retracted) “Operation Genoa,” a fake story about a U.S. military operation that was inspired by a similar situation at CNN, “Operation Tailwind,” in the late 1990s.

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  1. tom permalink
    January 14, 2014 9:49 PM

    While I have to cringe at the blatant lefty slant of the fictional news they present, the conflicted “republican” anchor is somewhat interesting to watch as he struggles with ideology and politics in this changing world. I like show. I believe the groups of writers here first cut their teeth on a show called “sports night” or something like that. The “quip-ish” style of the dialogue is very distinct.

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