The Public Split Between MSNBC And Governor Chris Christie

This is one of those side-stories that makes the Governor Chris Christie mess so compelling to follow.  Who does not enjoy watching a real political scandal play out in public?  When the emails were released to the public showing the Christie administration was neck deep in the mire there was no denying this story had legs.  In the past week this story became an onion with layers of intrigue standing on long legs.   There is no way any news operation can do other than follow the leads that present themselves.  The Christie administration can not be upset that journalists are doing their job when it comes to the biggest scandal to have hit in quite some time.

It was a match made in moderately minded Northeast Corridor heaven.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey needed a TV network that would burnish his bipartisan bona fides and showcase his gleefully contrarian style. MSNBC craved a Republican who cut against the party grain and lit up the screen with his everyman-ish, Springsteen-loving spontaneity.

An on-air romance blossomed, forged over chummy strolls along the Jersey Shore and heart-to-hearts in the studio about everything from overeating to education, embodying the aisle-crossing aspirations of this partisan era.

Now, the improbable relationship between a governor with his eyes on the White House and a network determined to break into the top tier, up to now so beneficial to both, has curdled in a spectacularly public fashion.

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