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Wisconsin Family Of Slain Purdue Student Not Alone When It Comes To Gun Violence

January 22, 2014

Who can not feel for the family of the slain Purdue student when his name and connection to Wisconsin was made known via new reports.  Once again a senseless and perhaps even preventable act of violence was carried out with the use of a gun.

As a result 21-year-old Andrew Boldt was killed by a fellow engineering student in a basement classroom at Purdue’s Electrical Engineering Building.

One can surely sense the outrage and sadness the mother of the victim feels as she states no one expects to wake up in the morning and hear the news that your child has been shot to death.

But sadly in this nation one has to be conscious of the fact that any one of us can be the next statistic of gun violence.

As I write this post news is crossing my email account that the University of Oklahoma in Norman reported a shooting on campus today.  There perhaps is another mom somewhere thinking the same thoughts that went through Mrs. Boldt’s head this week.

But let us not be confused as to why these news reports keep coming our way.

With the power the NRA has over elected officials, the lack of meaningful gun control legislation being allowed to pass, and the fact these stories are now so routine in a media saturated environment that there is a certain tolerance level the public now has when it comes to shootings means we can only come to a dreadful conclusion.

This is sadly the new normal.

Who in their right mind would think the mass school shootings of small children would ever have been allowed to be nothing more than a tragic news story when it came to shaping public policy?  If that did not move the electorate than one has to ask exactly what will move the moral meter of the voters.

As we hear the news and know in our heart the next gun violence story is most likely only a news cycle way leaves us with one thought.

This is all so very sad and needlessly so.

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