Oh By The Way, Have Fun

Yeah, right.

American athletes are being warned not to wear their Olympic uniforms outside of the upcoming Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, where they will be under the watchful eye of U.S. security officials who will attend events with them, State Department officials said Friday.

The news about the security steps being taken to safeguard the U.S. Olympic team follow revelations this week that Russian authorities were searching for a wanted terror suspect in and around the vicinity of the upcoming Games.

It was just one of what a senior State Department official has described as an “uptick in threat reporting” in the lead-up the Olympics, scheduled for February 7-23.

Richard Nixon’s Sister-In-Law, Gay Lynne Nixon, Dies


1957 Press Photo VPres. Richard Nixon kisses Gay Lynn Woods & Ens. Edward Nixon

Gay Lynne Nixon, wife of President Nixon’s younger brother Ed Nixon, passed away Monday, January 20, at the age of 76 at her home in Lynnwood, Washington with her husband at her side.

Mrs. Nixon died of Alzheimer’s, a disease she had suffered from for the past several years.

Washingtonian Tells The Final Story of Danny Pearl


This is one of those posts that only will attract a few readers, but should be read by far more.

I recall exactly where I was when hearing the news that Danny Pearl was dead.  I was seated at the dinner table with my folks in Hancock, Wisconsin and the television news was on in another room.  The reporter made it known that Danny Pearl, one of the reporters who felt it important to head to the source of a story, in his case to report from Pakistan about America’s so-called war on terror, had been killed.

Reporters are too often maligned for the work they do, and not given the respect they deserve for the work they do to inform and educate.  Some, as the case with Danny Pearl, even die as a result of covering the stories we need to know about.

Washingtonian has simply one of those reads that will make you think, cry, and wonder what if as it tells the final story of Danny Pearl. 

Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell Threw Wife Maureen Under Legal Bus, Both Head To Trial July 28

Something tells me former Virginia Gov. McDonnell is not sleeping with his wife, Maureen, these days.

CNN is reporting that months ago while still in office the federal authorities tried to strike a deal with McDonnell where he would plead to charges of trading on his office to provide assistance to a businessman in exchange for luxury gifts and loans.  In exchange his wife would not be charged.

Bob McDonnell turned the offer down.

Today both of the  McDonnells  entered not guilty pleas to charges that they engaged in conspiracy and fraud.  They head to trial on July 28th.  The only question I have is who turns on who first in the courtroom.

I sense that given the backstory as reported today by CNN Bob McDonnell should wear a cup to the court proceedings.