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America’s Love Of Guns Kills Three People In Maryland Shopping Mall

January 25, 2014

Good morning, America.

Here is the new normal for this nation as gun violence again erupts requiring mass casuality units to be called in to pick up the pieces.


Gunfire erupted in a Columbia, Maryland, shopping mall this morning, leaving at least three people dead.  Authorities reported that an active shooter was on the second floor of the sprawling mall in Columbia in Howard County.  Images on Twitter reportedly from the scene showed a bullet-riddled wall.

Unless this country gets serious about the violence and death that guns cause this is the result.  Over and over and round and round we go.

With the power the NRA has over elected officials, the lack of meaningful gun control legislation being allowed to pass, and the fact these stories are now so routine in a media saturated environment that there is a certain tolerance level the public now has when it comes to shootings means we can only come to a dreadful conclusion.

This is sadly the new normal.

This is the result of too many guns in our nation, too easy of a process to get guns, too easy of a means to get ammunition, and the ability of gun manufacturers to produce as many as they desire along with no standards on how many can be bought in a given time frame.  Add in the gun shows and we have a national recipe for carnage.

As we hear the news today and know in our heart the next gun violence story is most likely only a news cycle way leaves us with one thought.

This is all so very sad and needlessly so.

But this is what America now is saddled with thanks to the NRA and American apathy.

Welcome to America’s new normal with gun shootings.

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