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Frigid Air, Water Gun, Bubble Maker All Add Up To Fun

January 27, 2014

Put aside all the rules about how we are suppose to act when getting to a certain age.  I utterly reject such nonsense, and live according to what my heart tells me.  So when the air temperature remains about roughly -6 degrees for a day-time high I think of ways to make the best of the situation.  With plenty of sunshine and a little creativity James and I had a great time for a few minutes outside.  Any more fun and we both would have been frozen solid.

Several weeks ago when a similar artic blast covered the area I was spending time in the emergency room on two successive days from food poisoning  and missed the chance to experience this type of fun.  In other words live everyday fully, and be the kid that resides within.

First I boiled some water and with the aid of a funnel filled a large soaker gun with air pump action.  If price tags were placed on smiles….


Then it was time to see what would happen when bubbles are made in such frigid air temps.  As these bubbles float in the air they freeze and change from a clear bubble to a semi-opaque ice-colored object that sometimes break and shrink to a wispy frozen shell.  Some, however, retain their shape and land frozen and make for quite the site as pictured below.


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