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Winter Storm Leon Should Not Have A Name

January 28, 2014


As I read and listen to the news I am struck that the winter storm about to pound the southern portion of the nation with snow and ice has a name.  They are calling it Leon.

Leon?  They are now naming winter storms?

I am always eager to know the list of names each year for the hurricane season as it just amuses me.  I understand how naming huge and potentially dangerous storms can make them easier to talk about, and also allow for local officials to prepare their residents to take whatever precautions are needed.

But let us get a grip and remind ourselves that a hurricane and a winter storm are about as diverse as a hang nail and a root canal.

The Weather Channel started naming winter storms in 2012, but I must say I never noticed one being referred to in such a fashion until Leon started making all the news reports.  While I very much love weather phenomena, and even wanted at one time in my life to be a meteorologist I have a real problem with naming winter storms.

Let us not miss the obvious fact.  A winter storm, though potentially severe and needing due precautions to be taken, does not rise to the level of a weather service named hurricane.  My view is that naming small and less consequential storms will slowly undermine the height of awareness and caution that should be given to the real intense storms that actually merit a name. 

The Weather Channel which seems to be having ratings and financial problems. given the lack of actual weather reporting far too often so other programming can air. created a ploy to get attention for their channel by naming winter storms.  That is just cheap theatre that does not work, and hopefully will not long endure.

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