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Ronald Disher And The Book Of ‘Momma Letters’

January 30, 2014

Nancy Grace—were are you when needed to solve some questions?  Friends know I love a good mystery, and this case it clearly one of those what people are trying to figure out.

Ronald Disher, 72, of Almond is on trial in Portage County facing charges of forgery, theft by fraud, unauthorized use of a personal document, recklessly endangering safety and disorderly conduct. Portage County Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood said Disher drove his wife, Dolores Disher, 70, of Almond and his brother-in-law, Charles Jost, to the bank once a month to cash the Social Security checks of Marie Jost, whom authorities believe is dead.

When authorities initially searched the residence of Ronald Disher and his wife they came upon a strange find.  It was a scrapbook in the Dishers’ home labeled “Momma’s letters,” and inside were letters signed by Marie from the years 2006 through 2011, with the return address of the Amherst Junction property.

The problem with that time frame for the letters is that authorities believe Marie was most likely dead, and probably had been dead for some time.

One of those letters was admitted into evidence today by Assistant District Attorney Isherwood who is prosecuting the case. It was presented to show the defendant’s handwriting and to show that Ronald Disher  was “crazy”.  The evidence can be viewed by the jury if requested.

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