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Ronald Disher Takes Stand in Social Security Check Cashing Trial, But Where Is The Body Of Marie Jost?

January 30, 2014


UPDATE—The jury has been given the case, and will be back on Friday to make a decision.

One could not have possibly taken seriously the words from Ronald Disher as he took the stand today in his trial concerning being a party to cashing a dead woman’s Social Security checks for decades.

If this were not so serious, and deadly for Marie Jost, one could almost image the words from Officer Barbrady on South Park coming from the mouth of Ronald Disher.  “Ok folks, show’s over, nothing to see here”

Except there is a great deal to see, and yet to discover, in spite of what his lawyer claims is just a cranky man on trial.

Disher said on the witness stand that he drove Dolores Disher and Charles Jost to a bank in Stevens Point once a month, but parked at a discount store across the street from the bank and had no knowledge of what they were doing. The testimony came despite conflicting testimony from Detective Josh Ostrowski that Ronald Disher had told inmates in the jail about cashing his mother-in-law’s Social Security checks and from testimony from a former inmate on Wednesday that he had told his fellow inmate that he had poisoned Marie Jost.

It should be noted authorities still don’t know the whereabouts of Marie Jost, who is presumed dead.  She would be more than 100 years old and hasn’t used any government health benefits since the early 1980s.  There is also missing son Theodore who would be now age 76.

Clearly there is a whole lot of acts having been committed by this criminal element and someone needs to confess to the courts.

I still think we need to call in Buz Sawyer.

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