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Where Is Mary Burke When President Obama Visits Wisconsin?

January 30, 2014

I am one of those who thinks that when the President of the United States visits it is a moment of pride, and reason for some red, white, and blue bunting.  Regardless of politics the trip by the person who sits in the Oval Office is a big deal.

So I am not pleased to know that Mary Burke, the likely Democratic candidate for governor, will not meet or stand alongside President Obama today when he visits Waukesha.  That is a political blunder.

I know there are some who will try to spin her absence as due to previous commitments that she needed to attend to, and could not break.  There are the stories about how poll numbers in Wisconsin show President Obama is not as strong today as a candidate for state office would like, and so a photo taken will be used by Republicans in some negative ad.

But I am not buying those arguments. And Mary Burke should not have either.

By not standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Obama it is allowing the other side to set the parameters.  I like leaders who know who they are and are grounded enough to act as they know they should as opposed to some political calculation that in the end makes them looks weak.  How strong can Burke be as a candidate if the GOP can now spook her from appearing with President Obama in South-Eastern Wisconsin?  I am perplexed with Democrats who can not stand up and take credit for the good things that been done over the past five years, or refuse to stand alongside those who brought them to the dance.

There is another reason I have problems with Burke’s decision not to stand with Obama.  It just is not a very classy thing to do.  Regardless of politics you should always stand with your friendsThere comes a time when you say I will not turn my back on the leader of the free world.   The President is coming to my state, and by God I will be there with him.   That may seem corny and outdated in this era of slash and burn politics, but it is a standard I still think has merit.  It is a value I think many of my fellow citizens share, even in this jaded time in which we live.

Republicans would have tried to use the event to their advantage with pictures and ads.  Let them.  It is not as if these antics have not been done before.

But by not standing with President Obama another picture has emerged of Mary Burke.

In this one she looks smaller. Weaker.

And the voters see that.

  1. Doug Dederich permalink
    January 31, 2014 9:48 PM

    I was thinking the same thing Joe. As she is not an elected official already, she should not have any more access to the President as you or I. Any photo-op of them together would just make the President look like he gives preference to corporate owners.

  2. Joe Wineke permalink
    January 30, 2014 11:33 PM

    You should know better than this rant. Mary is not an elected official at the state level. The President is on a SOTU follow up. It is not intended as a partisan political event. If she was there, then the GOP would correctly label the event as pure politics. The election is still 10 months away…I would bet the farm that Obama will be there for her when it matters. The people that will not give Mary a chance are just hurting Democrats and helping the evil one. Don’t become one of them.

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