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Big Business Working With President Obama On Long-Term Unemployment

January 31, 2014

If only congressional Republicans were as eager to work alongside President Obama on the needs facing the nation.

There is no doubt that long-term unemployment is a real concern, and for those who have not had a job for a significant period of time comes a great deal of stress and perhaps even despair about ever landing another one.  With that in mind a group of powerful businesses have linked with Obama on an initiative that will have positive benefits for those seeking work.

President Obama has persuaded some of the nation’s largest companies, including Walmart, Apple, General Motors and Ford, to revamp their hiring practices to avoid discriminating against applicants who have been out of work for a long stretch of time.

Among the companies whose chief executives will appear with Mr. Obama on Friday, according to the White House, are Motorola, eBay, Deloitte, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Boeing, Bank of America, Marriott International, McDonald’s and Walgreen.

The challenge of the long-term unemployed has become especially acute as the economy struggles to recover from one of the deepest recessions in modern times. While unemployment among those out of work for a short time has returned to historical norms, officials said, it remains particularly high among those who have been seeking jobs for longer periods.

White House officials offered no estimate of how many workers might be helped by Mr. Obama’s initiative. And, of course, every job that goes to someone who has been out of work for a long time cannot go to someone out of work for a shorter period, so there would be no net gain in employment. But officials said it was important to keep workers from growing so frustrated by a fruitless job search that they gave up altogether.

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