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Chris Christie: ‘Nothing To See Here Folks, Move Along, Keep Moving, No Pictures Of The Wounded, Keep Moving’

February 4, 2014

Fat Slob Bully

At some point the Republican Governors Association will need to cut the big guy loose.   Governor Chris Christie is too toxic for the aspirations and needs of the many GOP candidates seeking election this fall to be caught with a close embrace from the legally and ethically challenged New Jersey pol.

But if you look at the game plan (as of today) when it comes to the Christie speech tour one might think there is nothing at all wrong, and the press is just fanning the flames of scandal.  I posted in January that Christie would need to get in front of the scandal by changing the topic, and if it worked it could become the  ‘political play of the year.’  But that was before the add-ons started to mount and the questions proved more than the Christie administration could answer with any degree of credibility.

It is clear the Republican Governors Association can not long be tethered to Chris Christie.  I am sure there are some who think Christie is the only GOP star who can take them to the White House, but given the problems that have now plagued the governor I strongly suspect he is hoping just to keep his state office.

Gov. Christie is plunging ahead with plans to travel the country over the next month, attempting to project a business-as-usual air, and showing he’s still in demand with conservative audiences. His next swing is Thursday: Christie, installed in November as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, will be in Dallas and Fort Worth for RGA fundraisers. A week from today, he’ll speak to the Economic Club of Chicago, then will headline an afternoon RGA fundraiser and RGA fundraising dinner in Chicago.

From Feb. 21-24, he’ll be in D.C. for the National Governors Association’s winter meeting, with RGA events on the side. Here’s the most interesting one: In early March, he’ll speak to the Conversation Political Action Conference (CPAC), which pointedly did not invite him last year. On March 8, he’ll speak to the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum in Sea Island, Ga.

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