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Governor Scott Walker May Not Say It But John Doe Cloud Hangs Over His Head

February 6, 2014

Lets give Governor Scott Walker credit where credit is due.  He can stay on message.

Over and over when pressed by reporters to help expand on the details concerning the ongoing John Doe probe into possible political pitfalls concerning campaign-finance law violations Walker has been able to use some simple phrases and sentences to stem the conversation.  They are not insightful comments in any way that illuminate the matter for the press or the public, but they do show Walker is able to keep the matter limited to a few terse statements.

But limiting answers to the press is different from stopping the conversation.

When asked whether the $86,000 his campaign, Friends of Scott Walker, spent on legal fees was related to the ongoing John Doe probe, Walker said, “I’m not getting into the details of it.” 

Any reporter worth their salt knows there is more to this story, and when Walker alludes to “the details” it only adds more curiosity to the whole affair.

Walker also was quizzed about whether his campaign had asked for the guidance released Tuesday by the Government Accountability Board about the legality of using campaign funds to defend against civil or criminal campaign violations. The opinion did not reveal the name of the requester, as required by state law.

“As I’ve said before, we’re not getting into details about this (John Doe) process until it’s completed,” the governor said.

Governor Walker may be able to sidestep the questions from the press but he is not able to keep the John Doe probe at bay.  In the end that is what matters.

Often times in politics it is the drip-drip-drip that causes more harm and a general sense of unease about a politician than one large thunderclap a news story can create.  While Walker is making national headlines and even creating a favorable impression with some, there is back home the growing sense that something not quite right took place with campaign-finance laws during the recall election.

While lawyers most assuredly are advising Walker to say nothing there is also a political calculation that comes into play.  Hiding behind legal advice creates a growing perception that something does not square when it comes to a past political campaign and unnamed special interest groups.

It is noticed by the public when a politician who likes to talk about everything else strives hard to not openly communicate about a topic the public is actually interested in learning more about.

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  1. Dohnal permalink
    February 6, 2014 8:21 PM

    Everyone knows that htis is another witch hunt like the last one. The DA’s in milwaukee are corrupt. The legal maneuvers will take this thing five years.

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