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Russians Get Fake Footage Of Opening Olympic Game Ceremony

February 8, 2014

I am not one to desire the changing of history, or the whitewashing of events to make them more palatable for people.  The truth is the truth.  As such I am quite sure the Russian people are not so fragile that they could not handle a small blunder in the highly dramatic and spectacular opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics on Friday.

I might also add that I am perplexed as why NBC needs to keep talking about the matter of the snowflake not opening.  It was a blunder and not some colossal mistake that marred the entire evening.  Saturday night in prime time they were talking about he snowflake to a degree that just seemed as if they had nothing else to fill air time.  Bob Costas needs to hire someone to pepper him with possible questions for guests if that is all he can think of to ask about.

Russian state television aired footage of five floating snowflakes turning into Olympic rings and bursting into pyrotechnics during the dazzling opening ceremony of the Sochi Games. The problem is, it didn’t happen.  

The opening ceremony at the Winter Games on Friday hit a bump when only four of the five rings materialised in a wintry opening scene. The five were supposed to join together and erupt in fireworks. But one snowflake never expanded, and the pyrotechnics never went off.

But everything worked fine as far as viewers of Rossiya 1, the Russian host broadcaster, were concerned.

As the fifth ring failed to appear, Rossiya cut away to rehearsal footage. Viewers saw all five rings come together and the fireworks explode on cue.

“It didn’t show on television, thank God,” said Jean-Claude Killy, the French ski great who heads the International Olympic Committee coordination commission for the Sochi Games.

Yesterday producers confirmed the switch, saying it was important to preserve the imagery of the Olympic symbols.

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