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Gov. Chris Christie To Use Campaign Funds For Lawyers For Bridgegate

February 11, 2014

Call me old-fashioned but I think when somebody donates money to a political campaign it is to help them get elected — they aren’t giving to a legal defense fund.   With such thinking I am strongly suspecting that many feel some discomfort at the news today that Governor Chris Christie’s campaign won approval from New Jersey election regulators to use donations to cover legal costs stemming from investigations of his administration’s ties to intentional traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge.

There should be some changes in elections laws, such as here in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker is also using campaign funds to blunt and stymie the efforts of investigations into his past activities as both Milwaukee county Executive, and now as governor.  While many people donate to further the campaigns of candidates, there should be a line drawn so that those well-intentioned efforts are not then able to be used for defense lawyers.

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