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Read The Dan Rutherford Harassment Lawsuit Filed In Federal Court, Illinois GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Faces Political Storm

February 11, 2014


Ed Michalowski, right, has accused state Treasurer Dan Rutherford of sexual harassment in a federal lawsuit.

While there are some reasons to wonder what this entire lawsuit is all about, it still is a major political story for Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford.  Read the lawsuit here.

One incident described in the lawsuit claims that Michalowski, 43, and Rutherford, 58, were attending the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, when Rutherford invited Michalowski back to his hotel room and became angry when Michalowski refused.

“After the reception, Rutherford grabbed [Michalowski’s] arm and asked Plaintiff to go up to his hotel room,” the lawsuit alleges. When Michalowski denied, Rutherford allegedly became angry and replied, “You just said no to the Treasurer.”

Another incident claims that in August 2011, Rutherford approached Michalowski at a Springfield bar and told him, “If you go home with me, you can have anything you want in the office.” Other allegations in the lawsuit allege that at various times, Rutherford has offered Michalowski a “full body massage” and told him to wear a tank top to the office.

Michalowski’s lawsuit also accuses Kyle Ham, Rutherford’s chief of staff and Michalowski’s boss, of pushing Michalowski, who leans Democrat, to perform political functions to keep his job. The lawsuit also claims that when Michalowski complained to Ham of being sexually harassed, he wrote it off.

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