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This Is How Political Parties Should Act On The National Stage

February 13, 2014

No one can defend the current political dynamics that have played out in this nation over the past six years.   From using every vile means available the Republicans have attempted to undermine and defame President Obama.   There has been truly shameful attempts to stop government from working, and to stymie the process of allowing our nation to move forward.

Therefore, consider the following.

In 1896 Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan passed through on the train the town of Canton, Ohio.  It was the hometown of GOP presidential candidate William McKinley who was sitting on his front porch while the campaign was conducted for him throughout the nation.   A group of about 60 Bryan supporters were in attendance at the train station to greet their candidate.    While at the depot someone suggested since they were so close they should just walk over to McKinley’s home.

By all accounts the GOP candidate was surprised to see the group, and perhaps even more so when one of the Bryan men made the following comment.

“Major McKinley, we believe that every candidate for the presidency is worthy of the highest respect, regardless of his political affiliations.  The members of the committee, therefore, have called to pay their respects to you as an American citizen.”

McKinley spoke the following words from his veranda.  “We are all  of us proud of our country’s history, and we should all be determined to make this government in the future as in the past the best government in the world.  Of you who disagree with me politically, it is very grateful to have the assurance of your personal good will.

Handshakes were offered all the way around.

Maybe some Republicans just need to read more history!

  1. February 14, 2014 11:29 AM

    I totally agree, David. This does cut both ways.

  2. February 14, 2014 9:26 AM

    Or Democrats, Deke.

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