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This Is What Passes For ‘A Working Congress’!

February 13, 2014

No one could be surprised to learn that Congress is once again  fumbling its way forward on the most important issues facing the nation.  But what some might be jarred at learning is just how far from the mark of a truly working congress the present elected group happens to be, and how they seem not even to be aware of that fact.  That was on full display this week when the debt limit was voted on in both houses.

First, and foremost it had to be a clean bill, and not loaded with anything other than the mere purpose of the measure.  After all, this is a bill to pay the national debt.  Nothing more, nothing less.  That it was completed in the fashion that common sense dictates might make it appear that the system worked.  The bill passed, the markets did not implode, and the world did not shake its collective head in dismay.

But the process did not work as well as it should, and the rancor at doing the right thing, the only logical thing is the reason many are wondering what it will take to help the GOP see the light.

First let us consider the words of Republican U.S. Senator Bob Corker.

“McConnell and Cornyn voted in a responsible way under the circumstances, and hopefully people will understand that McConnell, especially, in an incredibly tough race, the toughest Republican race in the country, had the courage to vote the way the vast majority understood needed to occur.” “I’ve got to tell you I think it shows tremendous courage on his part.”

From a purely non-partisan perspective what he said is true.  When the GOP leadership sought out votes in the senate they found it required their very own votes for country even though the red-meat dogs of their party were biting and snarling at their ankles.  From that viewpoint this vote was a classic version of that separates the men from the boys, the mature leaders from the newbies.

But the last part of Corker’s message was also terribly flawed.  Speaking of McConnell he stated, “I’ve got to tell you I think it shows tremendous courage on his part.”

Had Connell and others with the power and brass stepped up years ago and laid down the law to the teabaggers when it came to nonsense about what passes for debate and issues within the GOP these odoriferous plots and dramas would never have risen to the level they now have.  We have come to the point in our national political narrative that it is a courageous vote to pass a bill that merely pays for the debts we have incurred.

That is what now passes for ‘a working congress!’

Meanwhile Senator Ted Cruz, who I have long thought to be the reincarnation of the totally flawed  senator Joe McCarthy (and we all know how that story ended), sought a fight with a filibuster and more bombast that would have again shamed his party, but more so hurt the nation’s economy and international respect.  There should have been universal denunciation of Cruz’s actions from the leaders of the senate and damn what the pipsqueaks ‘back home’ thought.  Instead of coddling and stroking the Tea Party and cowering in fear over the vote that had to be taken for sanity’s sake concerning the debt limit, the GOP leaders should make it clear that they once again are going to lead from a position of responsible leadership, and the debt vote was not an exception, but once again will be the rule that applies to the future on a whole array of issues.

If that were to happen all then could rightly say we have a working congress.  A divided congress, but a working congress.

Congress would even see their popularity increase in the polls!

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