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How Russia Media ‘Reported’ Hockey Loss At 2014 Winter Olympics

February 15, 2014

If a nation can not forthrightly report the results from the Olympics what does that say about the ability to report on the truly important matters of state?

From a Facebook  friend of James comes the following.

Kevin Moss, of Middlebury’s Russian Department, writes, “So apparently there was some hockey news. According to Dan Shea, “Orwell would be proud. The nightly news broadcast on Russia’s “First Channel” (state-run, natch) reviewed all of the major Russian teams’ performances in Sochi today – except men’s hockey. Not a single word about the Russia-US hockey game. Apparently women’s curling is more interesting for Russia’s viewers than men’s hockey…”   Meanwhile Alekseev is claiming “you lost, we won,” because it was clearly a conspiracy by an American referee to deprive Russia of the win. Because, you know, they couldn’t have just lost. Not with Putin watching.
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  1. Tom permalink
    February 16, 2014 8:53 AM

    There is so much irony here when one thinks of our own media.

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