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President Obama Needs To Ramp Up Sanctions On Ukraine–Join Forces With Senator John McCain

February 18, 2014

I find myself gravitating–once again–to the words from Senator John McCain.  There are times I agree with him, and tonight is one of them.  I have no faith that Russian President Putin will do anything other than some dastardly deed in relation to Ukraine following the Olympics.  I am at a loss as to why the Obama White House continues with tepid remarks, given the gravity of the situation in Kiev over the past months, and why the reluctance to have ready some stiff sanctions that show the world we are aghast at the carnage and political BS that is presenting itself from President Viktor Yanukovich.

And let me be perfectly clear about how I feel in regards to the European Uni0n who are about as feckless as everyone else when it comes to sanctions.  It was reported last week that European foreign ministers were  ready to respond quickly to any deterioration on the ground.  I am not sure what newspapers or coverage these spineless people are getting their news from, but even before the events over the past several hours played out there was more than ample reason to stand up with the protestors and take action.

History will judge the ‘wait-and-see’ crowd on both sides of the Atlantic with contempt.

The city of Kiev is literally on fire and Sen. John McCain says as the situation escalates, the United States needs to be wary of an old foe.

“Watch out for Vladimir Putin because he will try to make mischief because he believes that Ukraine is part of Russia,” McCain told CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” “We have to side with the protesters and the power has to be dispersed from the hands of (Ukrainian President Viktor) Yanukovych, who changed the constitution and put virtually all power in the hands of the President,” said McCain.

Last month, Putin said Russia would honor loans it committed to Ukraine, despite the turmoil – a move McCain views with suspicion.

“Obviously, he’s not a man known for his generosity,” said McCain. “We really need to know what was behind that. But most of all, I think we need to understand that Vladimir Putin really is committed to this whole idea of the Russian empire, or the Russian near, abroad.”

The Arizona Republican and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that he does not know what Putin will do, but “nothing would surprise me.”

“We ought to tell Putin that interference … in the ways that he might do it, would be totally unacceptable to the United States,” said McCain.

Also unacceptable for McCain, is what he described as a lack of U.S. action in this case. He called on President Barack Obama to take clear action to address the situation.

The President should be working with Congress to prepare a set of sanctions against Ukraine that would be put into effect unless this comes to a halt,” said McCain.

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