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Governor Scott Walker Needs To Understand Citizens Have A Right To Some Answers

February 24, 2014

In many ways Scott Walker is a good politician.   One can (and I would argue should) have differences over his policy ideas, but there is no disagreement that he is a smooth operator in the political arena.    Which is why his recent responses to the 27,000 pages of emails last week are so confusing.

It would seem that getting out in front of the questions would have been in Walker’s interest last week as the emails were made public.  Holding some type of Q and A with a few reporters would demonstrate he had nothing to hide or had any reticence in addressing topics that might be included in the emails.  It would give the impression that the public had nothing to be concerned about.  Regardless of what all the partisans otherwise would claim Walker could have had his say along with the appearance of being a straight-shooter.

That to me would have been good politics.

But that is not the tactic that Walker has employed.  Instead Walker has decided not to talk about the past.

Walker once again refused to say whether as county executive he knew of or used a secret email system set up in his office to avoid public scrutiny.

On Monday he called it a “slippery slope” to answer specifics about the more than 27,000 records released last week, because “once you start on one thing, then there’s hundreds of questions on each of those.”

This now all makes it seem that lawyers are advising Walker on how to proceed, and with that comes the need for the public to have some questions answered.   If there is nothing to hide then answering some basic questions that the whole state is now asking would seem like a very easy situation to handle.

But the longer Walker dodges and hedges about answering questions that seem to be very precise and easy to address only allows this matter to linger and fester among the electorate.

That scenario is not good politics, and in his heart I am sure Walker knows that to be true.

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