Just How Bigoted Is Arizona Governor Jan Brewer When It Comes To Gay People?


I have been at a loss for days to sum up my feelings about much of the government of Arizona.  There is no way a sane person can possibly defend or rationalize what conservatives and Republicans are attempting this week.

A bill has been sent to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer from the legislature that would grant business owners the right to invoke religion to refuse service to gays and others that they wish to exclude.    Considering this was also a state that had to be almost hog-tied to accept the idea of a national holiday for the Reverend Martín Luther King, Jr. might we also be expecting that African-Americans should also be under advisement that someday soon they too will be not allowed to eat at certain restaurants in that state?

How far should we expect the lunacy to go in Arizona?  And why don’t the people of that state rise up and demand an end to the embarrassing and unconscionable actions of their state government?

There is no way that the hair-dyed air-head in the Arizona governor’s mansion should be allowed to play coy with what she intends to do with this matter.  The moment the legislature passed it she should have immediately condemned it and told reporters in no uncertain terms she would spit on the bill and tear it in two should it reach her desk.  (That is what I would have done!)

But she plays cozy with the haters and bigots, even when logical people, some in her own party, are making statements that decry the matter.

Both U.S. Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, stated they want Brewer to veto the bill.   Business concerns echo that desire.  Apple Inc., and American Airlines have made their feelings known about this dreadful bill.

This bill has no more to do with religious liberty than a filling in my tooth has to do with communications with a space satellite.  To spin vile hatred in the guise of religion is pure bunk, and any sober person can understand that to be true.  This putrid legislation would expand the state’s definition of “exercise of religion” to protect businesses and citizens from lawsuits after denying services on religious grounds.  This can not stand!!

If Brewer does not see the light of day anyone can spin their hatred to discriminate under the guise of religion.

How in hell did Arizona get to this place in 2014?

4 thoughts on “Just How Bigoted Is Arizona Governor Jan Brewer When It Comes To Gay People?

  1. jhosk

    The state could lose the Superbowl which is scheduled to be played there if this unattractive clueless governor signs this bill. She will be confirming she is a bigot and hater to boot.

  2. Skip

    It’s a shame that you can’t muster this kind of outrage when the U.S. government goes around killing children with drones.

    Why do you find this situation in Arizona surprising? They amended their constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. That same year they elected Brewer. These same voters also elected the representatives who came up with this bill and passed it. Democracy in action.

    Hopefully she’ll veto the thing – whether it be because of her own conscience or pressure from others.

  3. Alinka

    Yeap… What a coldhearted, calculating political dog. Right now by waiting and pretending to be undecided she’s jerking off the conservative troglodytes- they are happy like pigs in mud, I just checked some local AZ online newspaper.
    Then she will reject the bill, heavily hinting about being basically armtwisted by liberal godless blah blah,oh poor little martyr. What a skunk.

  4. Solly

    the Republican State Senate President was on TV last night asking the Governor to save them from themselves. Seems he now thinks his vote, along with two other senators who signed a letter to Brewer asking for a veto, was a “mistake.” When asked why he voted for it, he said it was rushed through. Um, I think in most legislatures, the Senate President would have a say in the scheduling of bills. He never did answer the question. The bill (based on a screen shot of the voting board) passed 33-27, meaning the 3 idgets that now say they made a mistake would have made the difference. Beyond that, the idea that it was rushed through, and they didn’t know what a 2 page bill actually said, is a big fat-assed lie! They passed an almost identical bill that Brewer vetoed last year. And she vetoed it, not on the merits, but teat for tat on another issue. The ONLY reason the Repugnants are concerned is that the bidness community thinks it might hurt. Thank God for the almighty buck to bring some people “religion.” And if you need more reasons NOT to visit Arizona, and to contact their Chamber of Commerce to tell them that, it’s that with or without this bill, IT’S LEGAL to discriminate against LGBT people in the state except for Phoenix, Tucson, and I think Flagstaff. The bill makes it legal to do that in the cities to override their local ordinances. Besides, in demonizing illegal aliens, all we heard from Brewer and Deke’s main man Johnny McCain in 2008 and 2010, was all the crime they were causing, and the boatload of headless corpses in the Arizona desert. Given that, why would anyone go to Arizona!?

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