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Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas’ Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

February 26, 2014

And now Texas!

A federal judge has struck down Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage, but is leaving it in place pending a ruling by an appeals court later this year.  That is the procedure as with many other states, and lets note that appeals courts are not over-turning the rulings.  “Texas’ current marriage laws deny homosexual couples the right to marry, and in doing so, demean their dignity for no legitimate reason,” wrote the judge, Orlando Garcia of U.S. District Court in San Antonio.

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  1. jonathanlk permalink
    February 26, 2014 3:41 PM

    This judge actually understands the purpose and limits of government and it’s purpose is not to mind your business in all your personal affairs but more to mind its business and serve the people on an equal basis. It has rightfully been deemed at a high level that Texas has overextended its authority. Government is supposed to represent the principals of equality and freedom. Read about the struggle for freedom that led us up to the writing of our Constitution and you will see. Limit the power of government, not the people. I am glad I am allowed to be a heterosexual. Based on fundamental principals of equality our constitution does not exclude Atheists, or Christians or men or women. Imagine if most americans were gay and wanted to legislate oppression against us heteros (not sure if you are one but if so, so what?), disallowed hetero sexual marriages? What if the majority were muslim and wanted to change our motto to ‘in allah we trust’? Now comtemplate the meaning of ‘secular’, ‘separation of church and state’, equality, and freedom. Our hard won freedoms and equality are all off limits to the govnerment as designed by our founding fathers.

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