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No More Television Commericals In Our Home—What Does That Mean For Political Campaigns?

February 26, 2014

James and I watched several hours of Winter Olympics each day for 18 days.   And we never watched one single television commercial.

We watch a couple shows each week from the main networks (Big Bang, Scandal) and never see one advertisement.

By setting the DVR to record everything we watch, and then watching the playback even if starting only 12 minutes after the recording begins means we never see relentless advertising.  I just hate being bombarded with merchandising be it from the side of city busses to the walls of a downtown eatery where the walls have posters promoting beverages.   I may not be able to control the ads ‘out there’ but in our home they are severely limited.

But what does that mean in election season for political campaigns that want to connect with me every eight minutes over the television?

But if you also want to see the LIMITS of TV advertising, check out this new poll result: Outside of live sports, nearly 30% of voters didn’t watch live TV in the past week. Let that sink in for a moment: Almost 3 in 10 voters are no longer watching TV — and are fast-forwarding through TV ads. So if you’re a campaign or advertiser wanting to reach these folks, you have to do so through other means (social media, internet ads).

Can that type of advertising be as effective?

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