Why Is Former Congressman Joe Walsh So Angry? Are Gay People “Constitutional Terrorists”?

We now have a better understanding why the words ‘former congressman’ are placed before his name.

I think former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh has shaky radio ratings and needs some PR to drive his name.  There is no other logical reason one can find for the antics he pulled.   Walsh compared the LGBT community to “constitutional terrorists” on Twitter.

I am fine with giving folks like Walsh some ‘air time’ on my blog as it underscores the level of crazy that exists among the haters and bigots.

Walsh was commenting on Bill SB1062 in Arizona, a bill that would allow businesses to deny services to gay and lesbian individuals while citing religious beliefs. The bill has passed the state legislature, but calls for Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the bill have been loud and fierce. In the world of incensed sound bytes and inflammatory rhetoric, this is seen as anti-constitutional bullying.

Walsh didn’t limit his comments to labeling the LGBT community terrorists. He went on to say he was being “force[d] to respect” people and something about blowing up freedom.

His tweets are just absurd.

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