Governor Scott Walker Finds Way To Increase Campaign Donations

There is no way to view the news that Governor Walker is delaying a decision on the Hard Rock casino in Kenosha until after–gasp–the election as anything other than a blatant political move to garner more campaign cash from the players who have a stake in the final decision.

The U.S. Department of Interior has already blessed this proposal that will create an $800 million gambling hall and entertainment complex at the former Dairyland Greyhound Park.  For better of worse that part of the process has concluded.  Now it is up to Walker to make the final determination on whether to allow for the project to proceed forward.    Asking for another 180 days to make that decision has nothing to do with gaining more information or having time to think it over.

The delay has everything to do with an election and the amount of political gain that can be wrung from the various players in the process.  The request to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for a time extension should be denied.

Perhaps if Walker spent more time in the state focusing on matters of concern here rather than on trips around the nation for his own political aggrandizement he would be able to come to a decision.


One thought on “Governor Scott Walker Finds Way To Increase Campaign Donations

  1. Solly

    I wonder if Wanker stopped after performing verbal fellatio at the Sheldon Adelson primary in Las Vegas to see the Badgers beat Arizona. No doubt he’ll credit the win to Act 10.

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