Perhaps The Perfect Image Of Ukraine Story Thus Far

As the world watches developments play out in epic fashion concerning Ukraine comes a reminder of how utterly profound what we are witnessing happens to be for the people who are impacted the most.  The citizens of Ukraine.

While the video of Russian Federation helicopters flying into Crimea are a menacing site I found the simple words of a news reporter producing within me a more powerful feeling.

Mr. Yanukovych (the former President of Ukraine and now staying in a residence outside Moscow and needing to give his statement in a mall–need I say more) did not directly address the zoo, the greenhouses, the golf course or the wooden ship that served as a private restaurant (on his Kiev estate), except to say that there were other owners of parts of the estate whose lawyers would soon be in touch with officials in Kiev to reclaim their properties. He did not name the other owners. “I don’t own anything, and I’ve never had accounts abroad,” he said. “I’m a public person. Everything I have, everything, was declared.”

At the estate, several protesters added to his indignity by watching his remarks on one of his own big-screen televisions, sitting on plush leather sofas in one of the mansions. They scoffed at his claims and heckled the screen when he protested that he had lived in one modest structure.

One can only image the sight of those people sitting in the former president’s residence and the power they felt.  And justifiably so.  At the end of the day for the vast majority of Ukrainians it is the desire to shape their nation in the way they want with the trade relations they desire so their nation can prosper and grow like so many of their neighbors.     For the vast majority they do not want Russian intrusion or any more domination.

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