Loving Jimmy de Castro

There is no doubt I much respect Jimmy de Castro, president and general manager of WGN-AM 720.  As a kid I grew up with WGN radio and never stopped listening.  The dark time several years ago when WGN under exceedingly bad management torpedoed many talented on-air personalities and angered the listening audience has since passed.  It is because of Jimmy de Castro that WGN is again working at repairing the damage and helping listeners again ‘come back home’ on the radio dial.

In a Sun-Times interview de Castro made his points quite strongly.

I don’t want a younger audience for ’GN. I want 35- to 65- or 70-year-old people. I’m not spending a nickel [at WGN]. All the people writing that I’m spending all this money have no I dea what they’re talking about. None.

Economics are report cards to people. How much do you make? How much stock do you have? That doesn’t matter to me anymore, because I’ve played the game.  It isn’t about money. It’s about people. It’s about doing something that you really care about.

I don’t have one contract with one person on our station. Not one. They’re all here because of how they feel. Any time they want, they can walk out the door.


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