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And What Does Patrick Buchanan Think?

March 12, 2014

I do miss having Patrick Buchanan on television on a more regular fashion so to hear his input.  While he does appear on The McLaughlin Group and I watch the program it would be nice to see him back on some all-news channel again.  Regardless of his point of view–and I often disagree with him–sometimes VERY much–he does have a strong institutional memory and deep sense of politics that comes through in his comments.  He does not mince words when making a point.

So how does Patrick Buchanan feel about events in the larger context regarding Russia?

First, it is absurd to suggest Putin felt free to restore Crimea to Russia because of Obama’s inaction in Benghazi. And while Castro’s Cuba and Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea are totalitarian, Putin’s Russia is not Stalin’s. Nor is Xi Jinping’s China Mao’s China. Russia and China are great power rivals and antagonists, not the monster regimes of the Cold War that massacred millions. We must deal with them, and they don’t take direction from Uncle Sam.

True, Putin seeks to bring half a dozen ex-Soviet republics, now nations, into an economic union to rival the EU. But where the state religion of the USSR was Marxism-Leninism, i.e., communism, Putin is trying to restore Russian Orthodox Christianity. There is a difference, as there is a difference between Stalin murdering priests and Putin prosecuting Pussy Riot for blasphemous misbehavior on the high altar of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. How do we think King Abdullah would have handled the women, had they pulled their stunt in the Great Mosque in Mecca?

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