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Photo Of Senator Ted Cruz Crosses The Line

March 12, 2014

I fully understand that politics is for the tough guys, and if one can not take the combat it means they should not be in the arena.  I understand that national politics has always been a profession for the hearty going back to the rugged presidential election of 1800.  I understand that over time more and more lines get crossed in politics and the new normal is the way business gets conducted.  While I understand all that does not mean I (we) need to accept it.

Which bring me to the picture in The Week of Senator Ted Cruz.


While I find Ted Cruz despicable for his political theater and actions in Washington I find this photo disgusting.  The photo is a cheap stunt that demeans the story that followed.  It lowers the bar on how we should treat those we oppose by making them into something they clearly are not.  Instead of making the point with words–as the article did attempt–I suspect what will linger for most people who view the story will be the photo.

The article included this portion.

Let me be perfectly clear: I don’t at all mean to imply that Cruz’s ambition bleeds over into sociopathic behavior, with him bumping off anyone who threatens to thwart his rise.   (But the photo seems to imply just the opposite.)

There are ways to label a current elected official we disagree with and do it with some class.  Recently Chris Matthews described Cruz as Fred Van Ackerman from Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent series.  More importantly, however, is the ability to spar and debate over ideas that matter to those who are seeking leaders and solutions in this country.

I certainly do not want to censor those who disagree with me by not allowing for lines to be crossed.  I do not seek to be the political arbiter for these matters.  But I do ask that we ponder for a minute what this type of political rhetoric (in this case a photo) does to the larger debate we want to have (must have) on the issues that we face in the nation.

There are plenty of reasons to challenge Cruz’s political philosophy, but lets do it in a rational way with good taste and some decorum.

  1. Kelly permalink
    March 17, 2014 10:24 AM

    Cruz as the villain of his own “House of Cards”? Seems pretty redundant as most politicians are slime balls anyway nowadays. I guess I can see the relation they are trying to make between Spacey’s character Frank Underwood and Cruz, but it could be anyone’s head Photoshopped on. It’s a poor ploy to try to grab the attention in the social media age.

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