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Mystery Of Flight MH370–World Community Demands More, Deserves Better

March 13, 2014


When flight 370 disappeared on Saturday I suspect most people were like me when thinking a debris field would be found in short order and the search for a clue as to why events unfolded as they did would begin as aviation exerts started piecing the clues together.   Instead  folks like me around the globe are watching hourly news updates to find out the latest information, which seems often circular and convoluted.  Even more irritating is that the pieces of information is presented in a way that is at odds with what we come to expect when dealing with professionals in government.

The crash of Flight 370 is now clearly more than an airline disaster as it is quite apparent the political tensions and animosities in the region where the debris is likely to be found is now also a part of the story.  Mystery lovers like myself are captivated by the truly strange developments and what they mean.  But for the families of the loved ones that were on this aircraft it can be nothing short of maddening to see the twists and turns.

For the past several nights I have watched every report I could on the all-news channels as a radar blip showed something intriguing,  while a satellite showed something unknown. Through it all the analysts tried to piece the reports together to make some sense of them.  Last evening the satellite image showing three large pieces in the water a few hundred miles from the location where the last report of the plane having flown allowed for contradictory ideas as to what it might mean.

China had released the images of something in the water, but it was assumed they had been presented in such a way as to not allow for other nations to know the real potential of the satellite’s capabilities.  The merging of international politics with tragedy makes for compelling television but it also is sickening to think about given the gravity of the situation.   It seems to many that the less than forthcoming information is based on the shallow needs and whims of political and military leaders rather than the direct aim of making sure the victims are located, and the grieving families are provided answers.  The world community demands more, and deserves better.

Early this morning I tuned into the BBC while still in bed and heard the reports that the search found nothing as a follow-up to the images.  Once again there was confusion over The Wall Street Journal story that U.S. investigators suspect the plane flew on for four hours once it lost contact with air traffic controllers.  Malaysia Airlines is discounting that story, but given the lack of candor and almost concerted effort from Malaysia to not be direct with the public makes anything they say suspect.

There is no reason to feel anything other than Malaysia is not up to the job at hand given how the military took no immediate action on Saturday to investigate unidentified blips that might have been from the aircraft, whose path appeared to be near the heavily populated island of Penang.

The mystery lingers, and another day of piecing the information together is under way.

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