Old World Order, Or New World Order?

Pick and chose.  I just found this week’s offerings in the mailbox to be interesting in how they approach the topic of Crimea.



The Economist Cover With President Putin Mimicking Michael Dukakis


WHAT!!–The Freedom Tower Doesn’t Have A Single Working Surveillance Camera Inside

There is no way to spin this one without having some heads roll.  As in being fired!

The Freedom Tower, America’s top terror target, doesn’t have a single working surveillance camera inside — a stunning security lapse that let a New Jersey teen roam the top floors undetected for two hours, The Post has learned.

The video system for 1 World Trade Center “won’t be operational until the building opens later this year,” said a source familiar with the security plan.

That means there is no footage of Justin Casquejo, 16, as he slipped by a sleeping guard to the antenna of the 1,776-foot-tall building Sunday morning.

“This place has a big bull’s-eye on it, and I don’t even want to think what could have happened if it was somebody with bad intentions,” said a hardhat at the site Thursday.

Asked about the lack of working cameras, a Port Authority spokesman said only, “The deployment of the hardware is confidential.”

Patrick Buchanan Misses Larger Point Over President Putin And Crimea

I know better than to read Patrick Buchanan on an empty stomach as I tend to get grouchier when I am hungry.  But this morning one of the first things I read was the latest column by Buchanan who again tried to rationalize the actions that President Putin has taken in Crimea.

Buchanan plays the large global card when spheres of influence held sway as a way of thinking.    He even goes so far as to use the nation of Israel and the Monroe Doctrine to attempt to persuade his readers.  When Buchanan (given his history) uses the Jewish state to make a point I slow down my reading as I hate to skim over irony.

In the estimation of this writer, Vladimir Putin is a blood-and-soil, altar-and-throne ethnonationalist who sees himself as Protector of Russia and looks on Russians abroad the way Israelis look upon Jews abroad, as people whose security is his legitimate concern. 

Cannot we Americans, who, with our Monroe Doctrine, declared the entire Western Hemisphere off limits to the European empires — “Stay on your side of the Atlantic!” — understand how a Russian nationalist like Putin might react to U.S. F-16s and ABMs in the eastern Baltic?

America and Russia are on a collision course today over a matter — whose flag will fly over what parts of Ukraine — no Cold War president, from Truman to Reagan, would have considered any of our business.

The first response I have to Buchanan’s article is that some events have occurred since the Monroe Doctrine that place Putin’s decisions of the recent weeks into a horrible context.

For instance we are now living in a world where (thankfully) the United Nations security language and agreements allow for nations to understand they can not forcibly annex one another.  I have not done a check on past writings from Buchanan but if he thinks Crimea is ripe for annexation by Russia he must have felt the same concerning the Georgian regions.  With that type of view one has to ask what type of a world order Buchanan really wants to live in, and more importantly what he would tolerate for that world to come into being?

It also should be noted that when using Israel and the right for annexation in a column–and again being mindful of Buchanan’s past statements concerning the Jewish state–that we also bring a factual piece of history to the table.

The only other significant forceful annexation since 1945 that was not rolled back was the Israeli occupation of territories in 1967.  So, Mr. Buchanan, was Israel right or wrong with that military and political move? Am I to now think Buchanan has become a friend with the Zionists?

Might it not be better to stand with those who think taking land from others is just not the route to a peaceful world order?

I wonder how Buchanan felt over Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990?

Why I Am Jealous Of Dan Rather

I have long admired and respected Dan Rather.  But after reading the following I am just a bit jealous of the opportunity he has tonight.

The Grand Ole Opry is set to welcome legendary American newsman Dan Rather as a special guest announcer this Friday, March 21. The Opry’s guest announcer series continues as part of the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry House which kicked off last weekend. Among the artists joining Rather on Friday’s show are Charlie Daniels, The Grascals, Kathy Mattea, and the Oak Ridge Boys.