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Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer “Groped Her Breasts And Groin”

March 28, 2014

And it is official.

And sad.

bill kramer

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel has charged state Rep. Bill Kramer with two counts of sexual assault for an alleged attack on a legislative aide three years ago following a Republican gathering, according to a criminal complaint.

The charges of second-degree sexual assault issued Friday stem from an alleged incident in Muskego on April 8, 2011. The alleged victim, who was an aide to an unnamed state senator, reported the incident to Muskego Police on March 5, just days after the allegations surfaced that Kramer had sexually harassed two women during the out-of-town trip.

According to the criminal complaint:

The woman, identified only by her initials, reported that Kramer approached her after a Republican gathering called “Pints and Politics” at the High Tide Pub and Grill in Muskego asking for a ride.

She told Muskego Detective Stephen Westphal that Kramer pushed her against her vehicle hard enough to bruise her back while groping her breasts. Later, while sitting in the passenger seat of the woman’s vehicle, Kramer groped her breasts and groin and forcibly kissed her, the alleged victim told Westphal.

“(She) states that she felt dirty, scared and was afraid that the defendant was going to rape her,” the criminal complaint said. “After the defendant leaned into the back seat to pick something up she was able to send a quick text message asking friends to return to the parking lot.”

Although the woman did not report the alleged incident to police, the criminal complaint said she and an attorney drafted a letter warning Kramer to stay away from her. The detective said the letter, sent to Kramer on May 18, 2011, warned him to have no contact with the woman because of the “physical and sexual assault you perpetrated on (the victim) at the recent Pints and Politics event in Muskego.”

The woman’s account was bolstered by another woman, who said she found the alleged victim crying and “in a panic” when she met her in the parking lot that evening, and by Keith Best, first vice chairman of the Waukesha County Republican Party, who also was at the political event.

All three witnesses reported that Kramer was very intoxicated that evening.

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  1. Solly permalink
    October 23, 2014 6:09 PM

    so, I see Brad Schimel’s office came to another sweatheart deal with a powerful repugnant legislator and pleaded felonies down to misdemeanors. way to clear your docket Brad! I guess as long as Kramer was only honking republican staffer hooters, they “feel” it’s okay. Kramer would be free to stay involved in politics, like Schimel’s other repugnant plea bargainer, Scooter Jensen, sucking at the Walmart/Amway voucher school lobby teat after being convicted in Dane County of putting state employes on campaign projects. Like that conservative republican businesspeople?

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