Democratic Candidate Arnie Johnsrud Leaves First District Assembly Race, Likely Remains Republican After Election

A Democratic candidate for First Assembly District has withdrawn from the race and thrown his support behind the other primary candidate for the election.

I liked Arnie Johnsrud, and was hoping he might prevail in the primary contest.  Johnsrud knew how to run a race as he once had opposed now retiring State Rep. Garey Bies.

The district, though more conservative than liberal, has changed over the decades.  It is a district where a Democratic candidate who can connect personally with the voters along with the proper backing of some key people and organizations can allow for a victory.    I felt Johnsrud was that type of candidate.  Where the area was once rock-ribbed Republican it now has seen an influx of new people and ideas, and with the right candidate can be a competitive playing field.

This past week Johnsrud, however,  left the race and threw his support to the other candidate, Joe Majeski.  

So why did I like Johnsrud?

The statement he made when leaving the race sums it up.

 “We need someone in Madison who will stand up for voter’s rights, stand up for women’s rights, stand up for public education, stand up for local control over our environment, stand up for jobs with livable wages and we need to support health care for everyone.”

While there is always hope in politics I think the best candidate is no longer in the race for the First Assembly District.  Therefore the GOP can feel steady about keeping the seat in their column.

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