Scott Walker All But Shows Sheldon Adelson ‘Sign Of The Covenant’ In Las Vegas

This weekend would-be presidential candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke in Las Vegas before Sheldon Adelson and his group, the Republican Jewish Coalition.  When it comes to groveling and digging for any support to be found, even when there is little knowledge or background on the topics up for discussion, there may be none better than Walker.

Walker had the usual trite comments for the gathering such as the nation needing “a swift and decisive foreign policy” while at the same time admitting he did not have extensive foreign policy experience.   He could have been honest and just stated he had no such experience.

But Walker plodded along and was determined to appear he was as much akin to Jewish people as possible.

Walker made a special note of making it clear one of his sons was named Matthew, a Hebrew name meaning “gift from God”.    To further suggest that he had the needs of Israel close to his heart he let it be known that every Christmas season he has a “menorah candle” displayed.

Well if that all does not make him one with the Jewish people I am not sure what possibly could.  That is, other than a more cerebral attempt to understand foreign policy before attending an event that is slated as a forum to address such concerns.

All we can be grateful for is that Walker in his zeal to be friends with Sheldon Adelson  did not mention getting snipped.

Still this is only March 2014, and the Iowa caucus is a long time away.  Things can still happen.

4 thoughts on “Scott Walker All But Shows Sheldon Adelson ‘Sign Of The Covenant’ In Las Vegas

  1. Solly

    I’d bet every Governor since Earl, possibly Dreyfus or Lucey has had a menorah in the mansion. Is his other son’s name Beelzebub? I like my description of verbal fellatio better than groveling for Walker on Sheldon action.

  2. Thank you for an amusing and exceptionally insightful commentary. My husband and I are surprised Walker hasn’t started comparing himself directly to Jesus Christ — a (part-time) rabbi who received training as a carpenter from his dad, a nice Jewish boy known to be good to his mother, and someone who is regarded by many Christians as the Messiah and the Son of God — in other words, a perfect being. NEVER has Walker admitted he’s been wrong about ANYTHING — about the way staff he allegedly supervised behaved while he was Milwaukee County executive; about his inability to make certain decisions (about a Kenosha County casino — he apparently is still ruminating on that one), about his adamant decision not to grant a pardon to ANYONE housed in Wisconsin prisons, and about decisions he made when he became governor that have cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions of dollars. Walker can’t even be forthright about his time at Marquette University and the fact he’s 34 college credits short of a degree. (That’s not “a few” credits; that’s at least a year’s worth of study.) Eagle Scout Walker can ALWAYS find the time to pimp a potential contributor to his Tea Party-tied political ambitions but can’t be honest and forthright with the people he is SUPPOSED to represent — ALL of the people of the State of Wisconsin. And let’s not forget how he has paid back people who have been religiously loyal to him over the years.

    I hope and pray that Walker gets his chance being interviewed by non-Fox News reporters, reporters who will quickly knock down the “house of cards” Walker has constructed about his past history, about his time as the Badger State’s chief executive, and about the political record he has fashioned. Here’s hoping “real” reporters will interview the people who were so loyal to Walker that they chose to violate state laws and now find themselves out of Walker’s favor and out of jobs to which Walker appointed them. (He knew their background — why did he appoint these “true believers” in the first place since he appears to be willing to give these folks the hook when something bad turns up? Loyalty must be a one-way street for Walker….)

    I don’t think it will take long before Walker’s “real” portrait will emerge — that he is someone who has national ambitions that aren’t matched by his qualifications, that his personal moral compass doesn’t qualify for even self-nominated “sainthood”, and that his credentials are flimsy (similar to Sarah Palin’s) and his beliefs and approach to governing are repugnant to the majority of Americans.

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