Congressman Vance McAllister Should Not Resign

There has been a great deal of rancor within the Republican Party concerning the fate of Congressman Vance McAllister.  The Louisiana official is facing demands for his resignation after a leaked video last week showed him passionately kissing a woman who was not his wife.

While I think McAllister is a hypocrite and a cad I do not think he should resign.

There is no doubt that any politician who uses his family in a religious context for a campaign is on the same par as attorneys who advertise on television.  To gain the backing of socially conservative Republicans McAllister acted as if his family was slated to seat on the right-hand of Jesus.  So when the video was played of him kissing one of his staffers who happened to be the wife of a close friend it sent ripples through his district and the GOP.

But the Republican Party is filled with hypocrites, and so it was rather amusing to me when many of them started to call for McAllister to resign.  It seemed strange to have so many in the GOP jump on this case when Louisiana Senator David Vitter was not told to resign following his prostitution scandal.  But I repeat the GOP is filled with hypocrites.

There is also no doubt that McAllister is a cad, and if I were advising his wife, Kelly, it would be to scatter his clothes and personal belongings out on the lawn and then call the press for a story and picture.  While it may be popular among some to act as McAllister did there are also those of us who know we do not treat the ones we marry and love in such a fashion as did which was caught on video.  She was used for a campaign and now is treated liked yesterday’s newspaper.

While I find the behavior of McAllister out-of-line I do not think it rises anywhere near that of the likes of Wisconsin’s own drunken groper and soon to be felon Bill Kramer, the former highly conservative state assembly majority leader who made his first appearance in court Monday.  What McAllister did was wrong and worthy of the voters taking a turn on him come the next election.  But he should not resign just to save the Republican party some bad PR.


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