Endia Martin Shooting In Chicago Shows Gun Culture Is A Deep Sickness

Listening to Chicago radio (WGN) means that there is never an end to the stories about gun violence.  Over the past few days another one of those sad, ‘what in hell is wrong with people’ stories about gun violence is playing out in the media.  As always there are many reasons to shake our head and wonder how deep the hole has to get before we come to terms with how to stop more bloodshed.

I will condense this news story, and in so doing make the absurdity factor more clear to my readers.

A 14-year-old girl shot her onetime friend in the back after a feud on Facebook.  Now the shooter’s Mom tell the press the girl is “so sorry” for the death, and “feels bad too.”  (It is OK to start gagging.)

“She was very hurt,” the mother said of her daughter. “Her and the little girl used to be friends.”   (This is the reaction to the murder!)

The mother states that her daughter’s life was threatened, and that someone told her daughter they would “lay her where her daddy’s at.”  (The culture of death and violence never seems to cease.)

Given that I place a load of the blame for these stories not only on the gun manufactures and dealers, but also on the family structure the next part of the story is also just plain silly.

The Mom said she didn’t know about her daughter’s juvenile court hearing Tuesday afternoon, where the teenage girl faced charges that included first-degree murder and attempted murder without any family in the courtroom. The judge said at the hearing the girl’s mother “obviously” knew about it.

What in hell is wrong when a teenage daughter has murdered someone and the parent has no idea that a court hearing was planned? Simply put this woman is too stupid to be allowed to be a parent.   Which is why I think it not such a far-out idea to make people pass a test before they are allowed to be a parent.  (There are studies that have examined this idea.)

If the bile has not yet reached your mouth…there is this.

Meanwhile, the girl’s uncle was ordered held on $3 million bail Wednesday. Cook County prosecutors said the paralyzed, wheelchair-bound man took the bus to hand her the fully loaded weapon knowing there would be a fight.

Before the 14-year-old suspect went to confront two girls about an ongoing dispute she had with them about a boy, she asked Donnell Flora for a gun, Assistant State’s Attorney Jamie Santini said.

Flora, 25, agreed with his niece’s request and got on a bus with the .38-caliber revolver Monday afternoon, Santini said.

Once at the 900 block of West 55th, Flora gave the girl the gun before the shooting, Santini said.

Hold on—there is more!

The entire crime was captured on a cellphone video taken by a witness, prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

On Tuesday, prosecutors at the bond hearing for the 14-year-old suspect said that the gun had jammed before Endia was shot, but prosecutor’s discussing Flora’s case didn’t mention the gun jamming.

Instead, Santini said that the 14-year-old armed with a gun first pointed the weapon at the aunt of the 16-year-old victim who eventually was shot in the left bicep in Monday’s incident.

The aunt pushed the armed girl’s hand away but then the girl took the gun and hit the 16-year-old girl in the head with it, Santini said.

The 16-year-old tried swinging a lock on a chain at the girl with the gun but missed, Santini said.

The 14-year-old suspect then fired as the victims tried fleeing into a home.

What is happening in this nation with guns and the culture of violence is not an isolated incident or one that can be labeled urban or impacting only minorities.  How a teenage girl has access to guns, the rage and anger that erupts from within, and the lack of any sense of right-or-wrong is simply staggering to contemplate.  I have no way to even process the bat-carp crazy parts of this story.

Yet it all happened.

And it will happen again and again until we come to the point in wanting it to end.

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