Brett Hulsey Shows He Has No Class With KKK Stunt

While I think the Republican Party often has policies that harm minorities, and while I know some members of the Tea Party are racists I do not think it acceptable to label all members of the GOP as anything resembling the Ku Klux Klan.

But that is not the way candidate for governor Brett Hulsey sees it.

Today the state representative showed up at the Capitol press room to announce his intention to attend the Republican State Convention this weekend and hand out KKK hats.   He made one such hat on his daughter’s sewing machine, and apparently will be sewing all night long to get enough ready for the throngs that show up for the convention.

I have heard of stunts–we all have–to garner attention for a campaign that has no where to go except into oblivion.  But I have never heard of a stunt that so cheapens the character of the candidate as much as what Hulsey is doing.

The last thing this state needs is yet another attempt at lowering of the bar for what passes as politics in the state.    There are disagreements among the two political parties–make that severe disagreements.    But on one thing I suspect all are united when we say to Brett Hulsey ‘Sit down, and shut up’!

Brett Hulsey once had a chance to make a difference in politics but for reasons that seem unclear took a different path that has now made him worse than laughable.  He is toxic and no one wants to be associated with him.

It is sad to watch this all play out.  It is even sadder that no one seems able to counsel the man on how to stop imploding.

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