Another Reason To Oppose Legalizing Pot

Chris Rickert had a column in the Wisconsin State Journal that really made a point about why legalizing pot would be a bad idea.

The columnist made a point I had never considered before, but it is mighty valid when we consider the drinking culture we deal with here all the time.

The worst would be that pot becomes so socially and culturally accepted that it becomes difficult to take the drug’s negative ramifications seriously — because, well, it’s so socially and culturally accepted.

That’s basically the history of Wisconsin’s relationship with alcohol, which is so woven into our existence that even nation-leading binge-drinking and drunken-driving rates can’t spur lawmakers to make first-offense drunken driving a crime or raise the beer tax.

The question is whether the benefits of legal pot are worth the risk of another such dysfunctional relationship.

2 thoughts on “Another Reason To Oppose Legalizing Pot

  1. jhosk

    The benefits of legal pot do outweigh the negatives, in my humble opinion. The case can easily be made that alcohol`s deleterious effects are far more egregious than those posed by cannabis. Since alcohol is surely here to stay, legalizing marijuana should be seriously considered.

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